What We Do


The Primary Functions of
Optimist International
To help in the encouragement and development of youth.
To promote an active interest in civic and govornmental affairs.
To encourage respect for the law.
To inspire patriotism and work toward the goal of international accord and friendship among all people.
The belief that giving of one's self to help others will advance the well-being of all people, their communities, and the world.
To develop optimism as a way of life.

Programs We Participate
The Childhood Cancer Campaign is one of our primary programs.
* Support to children diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer______
* Support to families and care partners of children with cancer
* Support to health care and service providers
* Support for cancer research
Click Here to learn more about the CCC Program

We participate in a multitude of other programs and events as well.
Click Here for a complete listing of our Projects/Evevnts

We offer assistance to our communities children in need that meet our guidelines. Please Contact Us if you feel we may be able to help you.


For more information about the Optimist Club of Belleville
please send us a note including your name and phone number to:

Optimist Club of Belleville - PO BOX 636 - Belleville, IL 62222-0636